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Having left Luton College of Art & Design (Barnfield) in 1975 with an LSIA in Technical Illustration, the last 26 years has been spent developing an expertise in as many areas of Illustration as possible (or those that make money!). The kind gentleman from British Leyland who assessed my college work found me my first job with VAP in Kidlington near Oxford, an agency dealing mainly with Leyland and Rank Xerox.

1976 took me to Industrial Artists in Hitchin working, to begin with in house, before being sent on contract to Hunting Engineering in Ampthill who persuaded me to work for them full time in 1978 (money again!). In 1980 I started racing cars and to fund this extra freelance work was taken on from an agent in Germany.

In 1981 I was asked to work full time, on a freelance basis, in Wolfsburg, Germany. Good work, mainly for Volkswagen, great people (many nationalities), long hours over short periods of time and good money, allowing me to come back to England and race my car on a regular basis. Having married in 1983 the "jobbing" in Germany was no longer an ideal situation, so I took the plunge and went freelance in South Manchester, England in late 1983 and I have been that way ever since.

My early days were spent dealing mainly with Engineering Illustration but since going freelance I have had to learn to adapt adding Graphic Design, Packaging, Exhibitions and more recently the Internet to my portfolio. Originally artwork was produced using the airbrush, pen, pencil and ruler but the good old Apple Macintosh took over and unlike some others of my era I have learned to use the mouse to extend my capabilities.

I have tried to create new artwork on the computer using my knowledge gained by working by hand. Using Adobe Illustrator to illustrate and Adobe Photoshop to Airbrush and retouch. Poorly produced computer generated images can look dull and lifeless. I try to create artwork that looks similar to that produced by hand. Not something pinched from a clip art file with no imagination. Everything is bespoke to each client and created with an artists view. Good quality artwork at a reasonable price.

Please browse my portfolio. I have included downloads in pdf format or jpegs which can be printed for samples. This gives a real indication of my capabilities.

Alan Raine